Gentle Wind Stables recently added additional dry lots. All the dry lots have been regraded and drained to help minimize the mud that the Midwest always seems to experience post-winter and spring. We're sticklers here on making sure our horse friends are warm and dry throughout the cold months and are excited to add the additional dry lots and grading to our pens. As always, horses are ready at any time to be brought inside in the case of extremely inclement weather.

New Hay Supplier


Meet Pilots All Win, Gentle Wind Stables newest lesson horse! "Solo" is a Thoroughbred with a background in racing and jumping. Solo joined the horses at GWS in January and is now transferring into our lesson program.

Dry Lots

Gentle Wind Stables is excited to move to a new local hay provider. Our new hay is a higher protein alfalfa mix. Horses always receive hay 24/7 and grain twice daily as requested.

New Lesson Horse